Matthew Schultz 

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Go by Matthew Schultz


Matthew Schultz's new release "Go" out May 17th

"Go" the new song from Matthew Schultz continues the 'chill vibe' of Somewhere Far as well as being another solo release after several collaborations. Starting with blissed-out synths that set a mellow mood, Matthew's distinctive lead vocals soon take centre stage. Musically, it feels like both a continuation and progression from his previous releases with elements of reggae, dancehall and EDM all fusing together into a seamless whole.

The way the track gradually builds is masterfully done, the music really beginning to cook around the first minute mark with the introduction of a pulsating, infectious beat that's guaranteed to get people to the dancefloor. The exotic flourishes of instrumentation add to the summery feel of the overall sound, working in perfect harmony with the song's lyrics.

The lyrics are about the idea of escaping to some distant exotic destination with a lover for the summer, something everyone can relate to. This spirit of adventure is captured in evocative lines like, "We can go anywhere you wanna go...ocean creeping on the shore, just relax, you need it more....".

Overall, this is another fantastic solo track from Matthew Schultz that is absolutely tailor made for the dancefloor whilst also highly suitable for commercial radio. With its exotic sound, slick production, a catchy, memorable hook as well as the elements of dancehall/reggae, it’s hard to imagine a song more suitable for the hot summer months. As Schultz’s fanbase is now in the millions and growing exponentially, Go could well become a massive smash hit worldwide and rightly so.

Somewhere Far by Matthew Schultz hits 6 million streams on Spotify!